In Rough Sheep-dogs, which numbered sixty-three, the winners were all well-known characters. In Open Dogs Messrs. Ashwin's Cocksie, W. W. Thomson's Marcus, and Skinner's Vero took the prizes. Open Bitches were in the following order: Mr. S. E. Shirley's Hornpipe, Mr. Ashwin's Watch, and Mr. W. W. Thomson's Bess.

In Smooths the winners were Mr. W. W. Thomson's Guelt in Dogs, Mr. Mapplebeck's Fan and Mr. Swinburne's Lassie in Bitches.

Dalmatians had Mr. Fawdry's beautiful Captain as sole representative!

Sixty-one entries of Bull-dogs were worthy of the show, in which Mr. R. Nichols's Noble won in Large Dogs. In Medium Dogs Mr. Vero Shaw's Smasher and Donald were first and second, and his Nell was first in Medium Bitches, followed by Mr. W. W. Rodgers's Nettle. In Small Dogs or Bitches Mr. Gwynne Phillips was first with Baby, Mr. Meager second with Bismarck, and Mr. G. Raper extra with Prince. In Bitches under 35 lb. Mr. C. E. Bartlett was first with Nellie, Mr. R. Fulton second with Rose, and Mr. Philip Rust extra with Jess.

Bull-terriers came up well with thirty-six entries, and had some grand specimens amongst them. In the Large Class Mr. Vero Shaw won with Tarquin and Slaughter, and in Mediums with Scarlet, followed by Mr. Roocroft's Cremorne. In the Small Class the order was Mr. Vero Shaw's Napper and Mr. Alfred George's Spring.

Bedlington Terriers had but one class, in which the winners were Rev. H. W. Turner's Young Nailor and Bedlington Terrier Club's Rosebud.

Irish Terriers had one class and six entries, in which Mr. J. J. Pirn's Champion Spuds and Mr. R. A. Auld's Banshee were "in the money."

In Smooth-haired Terriers Mr. Vero Shaw's Silvio won, Mr. H. Mather's Rattler being second.

In Large-sized Black-and-tan Terriers the winners were Mr. Vero Shaw's Salford, Mr. H. Mapplebeck's Jet, and Mr. J. H. Mather's Champion Viper. In Small-sized ditto Mr. Mapplebeck's Queen III. won, followed by Mr. Roocroft's Dazzler and Mr. Mather's Venom.

Drop-eared Skyes found Mr. Pratt's Donald at the head of affairs, followed by his Corrie and Mr. Mark Gretton's Sam. Prick-eared Skyes had Mr. Brooke's Oscar first and Mr. D. Cunningham's Bess second.

Dandies had forty entries in two classes - what would present-day exhibitors say to that? - with two prizes in each class! In Dogs the winners were found in Mr. W. W. Reid's Warlock II. and Mr. Miller's Pepper; and in Bitches in Mr. J. Finchett's Nellie and Mr. J. Paterson's Old Miss. Dachshunds had an excellent entry of forty-three. In Medium-sized Black-and-tan Dogs the winners were Major Cooper and Mr. Leigh Pemberton; in ditto Bitches Mr. O. W. White and Lord C. I. Ker. In Medium-sized Dogs (not black-and-tan) Messrs. W. Arkwright and Captain D. Shaw took the prizes; in like Bitches Messrs. H. Allan and W. Arkwright were the winners. In a class for Large-sized Dogs and Bitches the prizes went to Mrs. Hanbury, Rev. J. D. Peake, and Mr. R. Lloyd Price.

Messrs. Steel and Fawdry won in the only class then provided for Pomeranians, with seven entries.

Pugs produced thirty-six entries in three classes, the winners in Dogs being Mrs. Bligh Monck's Sambo and Tom and Captain Digby Boycott's Toby. In Bitches Mrs. Monck won with her Darkie, followed by Captain Boycott's Luna and Mr. Osborne's Sally Chandler. In Puppies Miss Jaquet's Turn Turn (afterwards such a well-known specimen) won over Mrs. Monck's Puck.

Maltese Terriers found Mrs. Monck well amongst them, winning first and third with her Mopsy II. and Fita, divided by Lady Giffard's Hugh, which, when in form, was to my mind the best specimen I have ever seen.

Blenheim Spaniels were a good lot, the winners being Mrs. Forder's Duke of Bow, Mrs. Berrie's The Earl, and Courtenay Thorpe's Lollypop.

Mrs. Forder took the only prize awarded for King Charles Spaniels with her Young Jumbo.

Italian Greyhounds were more select than numerous, Mr. M. A. Marsden being first with Wee Wee and Mr. J. S. Day second and third with Crucifix and Rosy Cross.

The prizes in Smooth Toys were taken by Messrs. Mapplebeck, R. Fulton, and Marsden; and in Rough ditto by Mrs. Monck and Lady Giffard.

In classes for Sporting and Non-Sporting Puppies, with over twenty entries and two prizes in each, the awards in the former were made to Mr. Howard Mapplebeck for Gordon Setters (Marquis and Earl, the former the afterwards well-known winner all over the country, then five months old), and to Mr. H. Allan for Dachshunds. The winners in the other class were the Rev. W. J. Mellor's St. Bernards and Mastiffs.

The last class in the show was for Collie Puppies, and the winners were Messrs. W. W. Thomson and S. E. Shirley, M.P.

At the Agricultural Hall, Wolverhampton, on January 26th and 28th, 1878, was held an Exhibition of Sporting and other Dogs, when an entry of 321 was obtained.

The judges were Messrs. W. Lort and S. Handley. -

In Pointers, with two classes, the winners were Messrs. J. Fletcher and J. Lello in Champions, and Messrs. P. Bullock, G. Moore, and T. E. Izzard in Open Class. In Setters, Messrs. Fletcher and Mapplebeck won in Champions; and in Open Class Messrs. Mapplebeck, Negus, and Shirley were winners in Dogs, and Messrs. J. H. Whitehouse, J. E. Wilbey, and J. E. Izzard in Bitches. Mr. Shirley's Thorn was first to Mr. Lynn's Wave, second, in Champion Class for Retrievers. In Open Class for Wavy-coated, Mr. Shirley was first, Mr. B. W. Whit-more second, and Mr. H. R. Rudge third. The Rev. G. F. Hodson and Mr. H. P. Parker took all the prizes for Deer-hounds. Spaniels had one Champion and one Open Class: in the former Messrs. P. Bullock and J. Fletcher cleared all before them; in the Open Class Messrs. A. H. Easten, J. Lello, J. H. Bonner, and S. W. Wildman were the winners. In Champion Fox-terriers Messrs. J. Fletcher and J. Lello were first and second with Rattler and Tattler; in Open Dogs Messrs. Southwell, R. White, and J. Steele were in front; in Open Bitches the order was: Messrs. R. White, A. H. Easten, and S. W. Smith; in a Special Class for Non-Previous Winners the winners were Messrs. Bradbury, S. W. Smith, C. E. Firmstone, and J. Dawson. Messrs. Shirley, Easten, and Locke won in Wire-hairs.

Bull-terriers were headed by Mr. Vero Shaw's Tarquin, followed by Messrs. Hasting's Prince and Roocroft's King in Heavy Weights; and by Mr. Vero Shaw's Napper, followed by Messrs. Bennett's Trip and Burley's Hermit in Small Class. Bull-dogs had one class, the winners being Mr. Vero Shaw's Sepoy, Mr. J. W. Gurney's Meg, and Mr. J. Davis, jun.'s, Punch. Three well-known winners appeared in Black-and-tan Terriers - Mr. Vero Shaw's Salford, Mr. C. Whitehouse's Nettle, and Mr. Mapplebeck's Jet. A mixed lot were the winners in Rough-coated Terriers - Mr. Mark Gretton's Drop-eared Skye (Sam), Mr. J. Locke's Pepper -Dandie (Doctor), and Mr. Mapplebeck's Wasp. Sheep-dogs found the prizes going to Messrs. Mapplebeck, J. N. Clarke, and M. C. Ashwin. Mr. H. Mapplebeck took three out of the four prizes awarded for Newfoundlands. Messrs. Hart and Aldour took the only two prizes awarded in Mastiff Class. St. Bernards had one class, in which Prince Solms took first, the other winners being Messrs. T. R. Goodwin and R. Brown. Toys divided the prizes between Messrs. P. Bullock, Mapplebeck, and Sefton.

At Crosshills, Glasgow, on May 7th, 8th, and 9th, 1878, an Exhibition of Sporting and Fancy Dogs was held, with Mr. H. Martin as manager, when the entries totalled up to 319.

The judges were Colonel Cowen, Messrs. G. Parker, and W. McLeod.

In Blood-hounds only one prize was awarded, to Mr. R. J. Auld's Harmony. In Deer-hounds Mr. R. H. Wright won with Sheela and Bevis. Greyhounds had one class, in which the winners were Messrs. Kirkwood, Ronaldson, and Kennedy. Pointers, with two classes, found the winners in Messrs. Summerson, Boustead, and J. Smyth in Dogs, and Messrs. J. Bishop and W. J. Armstrong in Bitches. Gordon Setters had their winners in Messrs. J. Bennie, J. Smyth, and W. Cockburn. The only winner in Other Varieties of Setter was Mr. W. D. Duncan, with Rollick. In Spaniels the chief winners were Messrs. W. J. Smyth, A. W. Langdale, J. S. Nisbet, S. W. Wildman, and W. J. Armstrong. Fox-terriers had two Open Classes and one Champion; in the former Messrs. Kendall, George Raper, W. Young, T. Vallance, R. J. Auld, and C. R. B. Brown were the winners, and in the latter Mr. R. Ferguson's Prince Charlie.

In Mastiffs Mr. Parkinson won with Colonel, second and third going to Mr. W. K. Taunton's Modoc and Gwendolen. Mr. Gresham swept the board in St. Bernards. Mr. George Raper won in Newfoundlands, followed by Messrs. Wildman and Kinlock. In Sheepdogs the order was: Mr. J. R. Scott's Yarrow, Mr. J. Locke's Toss and Mr. Manchan's Yaro. In Bull-dogs Mr. G. Raper's Prince and Young Tiger took the money. Only two prizes were awarded in Bull-terriers, to Messrs. Graham's Tarquin II. and A. M. Wigram's Sallust. Black-and-tan Terriers were divided into over and under 12 lb.: in the former Mr. J. B. Swinburne was first and third with Belcher and Victoria, Mr. Fullick's Prince being second; and in the latter Mr. T. Marsh won with Fred, Mr. Swinburne being second with Lady Dot, and Mr. J. King third with Empress. Skyes were not numerous, but select, the winners being Messrs. King's Roger and Lome, Cunningham's North, Ingram's Punch, J. Locke's Perkie (a very smart, showy bitch), and Steel's Venus. Dandies appeared in prize list as follows: Messrs. J. Locke's Doctor, S. Harris's Steam, Arundell's Pluck, Heritage's Bessie Bell, Addie's Gipsy, and J. Jardine's Needle. Mr. D. Ross took all the prizes in Bedlingtons with Fiz, Weardale, and Flint. In Toy Terriers Messrs. Bradshawe and Harcourt were the only winners. Mr. S. W. Wildman won in Toy Spaniels. In other Toy Breeds the chief winners were Messrs. T. Morris, Foster, Steel, and Bruce. Mr. Theo. Marples won in Variety and Selling Classes.