At Dunmow, Essex, was held an Exhibition of Sporting and other Dogs on May 28th and 29th, 1878, with Mr. F. Snell as hon. secretary, and an entry of 263.

Mr. S. E. Shirley, M.P., judged all classes.

Mr. A. Taylor took all prizes in Harriers; Mr. G. D. Clapham did same in Beagles. In Mastiffs Mr. Mark Beaufoy's Nero won, followed by Mr. Gray's Rufus. Mr. W. H. Walker was first and second in Pointer Dogs and Bitches with his Don, York, Lady, and Helen, Mr. J. H. Salter being third in Dogs with Mike, and Mr. G. T. Bartram third in Bitches with Stella. Curly Retrievers found Mr. W. H. Petrie first with Heathen Belle, Messrs. J. H. Salter and G. T. Bartram being equal seconds with King Koffee and Nell; in Wavy-coated Pledger's Midnight won, followed by G. T. Bartram's Bonnie Lassie and Twig. English Setters, two classes, found the winners in Messrs. G. T. Bartram, Caton, Marshall, Barry, Hall, and J. H. Salter. Irish or Gordon Setters, in same way, divided the money between Mr. J. H. Salter, the Earl of Rosslyn, and Mr. J. Tilley. Mr. J. H. Salter was first and third in Greyhound Dogs and second in Bitches with Snapdragon, The Settler, and Selection, the other winners being Messrs. Hazelrigg, Woolston, and Kemp. In Clumber Spaniels the winners were Messrs. Langdale and Parlett; in Other Spaniels Messrs. J. H. Bonner, Langdale, and Mott.

In Collies Messrs. Bagshaw, Farrow, and J. H. Roger were the winners. In Bull-dogs Mr. R. Nichols's Bismarck II. won over Mr. Philip Rust's Sancho Panza and Mr. Petrie's Noble. Mr. Webster Adams was first and third in Bull-terriers with Robin and Belie Helene, Mr. Alfred George being second with Duke. Fox-terriers had two classes, the winners being owned by Messrs. Bonner, Snow, W. Adams, Story, Carter, and Benham. Messrs. Puttick and Harry Layton won in Black-and-tan Terriers. In Rough Terriers the prizes went to Messrs. R. Greenwood and J. H. Salter. In Variety Classes the prizes in "over 20 lb." went to Messrs. Mark Beaufoy, G. T. Bartram, and H. Obey. In the Small-sized Division the winners were Messrs. Menricoffre, Alfred George, and C. Marshall.

On June nth, 12th, 13th, and 14th, 1878, was held at Oxford the First Exhibition of Sporting and other Dogs, under management of Mr. C. Ecob, with Messrs. C. Bishop and J. S. Lowe as hon. secretaries, and an entry of 665 was obtained.

The following were the appointed judges: Blood-hounds, Pointers, Setters, Retrievers, wSpaniels, and Collies, Rev. T. Pearce; Foxhounds, Harriers, Deer-hounds, Greyhounds, Beagles, Mastiffs, St. Bernards, Newfoundlands, Dalmatians, Dandies, and Skyes, Rev. G. F. Hodson; Fox-terriers and Wire-haired Terriers, Mr. J. A. Doyle; Dachshunds and Foreign Dogs, Rev. G. F. Lovell; Bull-dogs, Bull-terriers, Black-and-tan Terriers, Pugs, and remaining classes not named, Mr. J. Percival.

Messrs. A. H. Longman and A. Brassey took all the prizes for Fox-hounds.

In Blood-hounds the winners were Messrs. Bird, L. G. Morrell, and Mark Beaufoy.

Deer-hounds were a small lot, the money being taken by Dr. L. Hemming and Mr. H. Fitt.

In Greyhounds Mr. T. Sharpies was first in each class with Lauderdale and Queen Bertha, Mr. J. H. Salter running second with Snapdragon and Madelina.

Mr. C. D. Everett swept the board in Harriers; Messrs. Parker and Gould did the like in Beagles.

In Pointers Mr. R. Lloyd Price took every prize offered with his Wagg, Eos Cymru, Bow Bells, and Mead.

English Setters found Messrs. W. P. Sims and G. de L. Macdona at head of affairs.

Mr. J. H. Salter won in Gordon Setters with Rex. II., followed by Mr. H. Mapplebeck's Mona.

Mr. J. H. Salter was first in Irish Setters with Shot, and Mr. J. E. Johnson second with Flirt.

In Curly-coated Retrievers Mr. S. E. Shirley won with Chicory, Mr. J. H. Salter's King Koffee being second. In Wavy-coated Retrievers Mr. Shirley took cup, first, and second with Transit and Task, Mr. C. J. Cote being third with Merlin.

Messrs. H. J. Clarke and J. Berry won in Clumber Spaniels.

In Black Spaniels Mr. A. W. Langdale won with Loustic over Mr. H. B. Spurgin's Blanche. Mr. J. S. Skidmore was 1st with Barney, Mr. \V. B. Bridgett being second with Young Duck in Water-spaniels.

In Other Spaniels, over and under 25 lb., Mr. H. B. Spurgin took all the prizes with his Fido, Alonzo, Bibb, and Fairy.

Fox-terriers contained some quality, Mr. Fred. Burbidge taking both champion prizes with Nimrod and Dorcas, and cup, first, second, and third in Open Dogs with his Royal, Bitters, and Buff. In Open Bitches the winners were Mr. Murchison's Natty, Mr. F. H. Vicary's Sorrel, and Mr. Fred. Burbidge's Judy. In Puppies Mr. Murchison's Spruce won, followed by Mr. Thackrey's Ruby and Mr. Allison's Viper, equal seconds.

In Wire-haired dogs Mr. S. E. Shirley won with Spike, Mr. Farrie's Topper being second. In Bitches R. J. Verney's Vix was first, and Mr. C. G. Vicary's Fan second.

Dandies found Captain Ashton winning with Tweedside, Mrs. Humphries' Maggie Lauder placed equal, Captain Ashton's Meg and Mr. C. F. Henderson's Rob Roy being given equal seconds.

In Black-and-tan Dachshunds Major Cooper won with Waldmann, Mr. Byron's Beckah and Countess Craven's Zillah being equal seconds. In Other than Black-and-tan Mr. P. H. Cooper's Fritz was first, followed by Countess Craven's Driver and Mr. C. Henley's Waldl.

Mastiffs had three classes, with Mr. Alston's Colonel taking champion prize. Rev. F. H. Hichens won in Dogs with Rupert, followed by Mr. J. W. Allen's Magnus; and in Bitches Mr. W. K. Ta'unton won with Gwendolen over Mr. J. W. Allen's Creole.

Mr. H. Mapplebeck took all the prizes in Newfoundlands.

Rev. G. A. Sneyd took champion prize in St. Bernards with Hector. Other winners were Messrs. Congreve, Fred. Gresham, W. A. Joyce, and J. H. Goodwin.

In Collies Mr. M. C. Ashwin's Cocksie took the champion prize. The Rev. H. F. Hamilton won in Open Dogs with Tricolour, Mr. Clarke's Sir Walter Scott being second. In Bitches Mr. S. E. Shirley won with Hulakin, Mr. Barnes being second with Minna, and Mr. M. C. Ashwin third with Watch. In Smooth Collies Mr. Ashwin's Nellie won, followed by Mr. Mapplebeck's Fan.