Most people who are in anywise doggy will recognise the subject of my sketch, as not only has he been long respected and esteemed at Oxford, where he resides a good part of the year, but also at Crickhowel, where he dispenses justice as well as hospitality.

But it is of him in his character as a fancier that I wish to say a few words. I think I am correct in saying he commenced exhibiting about 1874. I had the pleasure of meeting him first in 1875, and have always admired the consistency with which he has stuck to Fox-terriers ever since, and kept "pegging away" at breeding and exhibiting, undeterred by any disappointments. I well remember many of the dogs in the following list of some of his best specimens: -

Fox-terriers (Smooth): Gamester, Trick, Vixen, Beppo, Coquette, Wamba, Banter, Vengeance, Jessica (afterwards Lady), Wilful, Buckthorn, Beeswing, Spikenard, Achievement, Saraband, Maid of Usk, Marmaduke, Dreamland, Beggarman, Recovery, Rifleman, Rosati, Revolver, Meanee, Rataplan, Seamstress, Mick March, Hesperus, Greensleeves, Doritus, Lavengro, Hymen, Venusta, Garter King, Greenveil, Duvernay, Mistress of the Robes, Calculator, Diophantus, Capucin, Forecast, and Volunteer.

Fox-terriers ( Wire-haired): Christmas Carol, Jeweller.

Blue Merle Collies: Motley, Blue Tulip.

Wavy Retriever: Jacobite.

He has done something in the poultry section of the Fancy also, particularly Black-red Game, with which he, some years since, carried off the Challenge Cup for Best Black-red Pullet at Birmingham.

Mr. Doyle's numerous friends throughout the land will not require to be told he has long been a staunch and useful member of the Kennel and Fox-terrier Clubs, an able and popular judge, chiefly confining his attention to Fox-terriers, Irish Setters, and Collies, and universally respected and esteemed amongst a very wide circle of Doggy People, with whom he has held a high position for the last twenty-five years, and by whom his unassuming manners, fairness, and sterling worth are generally appreciated.

The dog with Mr. Doyle in the portrait (which I consider an excellent likeness) is the Smooth Fox terrier Beggarman, a special favourite with his owner.



From photo by Hills & Saunders, Oxford.