Bull-dogs had a class for over 35 lb., in which Mr. G. W. G. Phillips's Baby won, and Mr. Petrie's Noble was second; and one for under 35 lb., in which Mr. G. W. G. Phillips won both prizes with Billy and Nelly.

In Bull-terriers over 20 lb. Mr. Alfred George won with a dog named after his well-known father, Mr. Bill George; Mr. Marshall's Hotspur was second.

In Bull-terriers under 20 lb. Mr. Alfred George won with Scamp, Mr. J. R. Pratt's Turk being second.

Black-and-tan Terriers found Mr. H. Mapplebeck winning in Large and Small Divisions with his Jet and Queen III., the ocher winners being Messrs. W. B. Bateson and J. Hill.

Mr. A. Boulton and Mr. F. H. Vicary took all in Skyes.

In Pugs Mr. J. Lewis's Sootey was first, followed by Messrs. Morris's Punch and Foster's Comedy in Dogs. In Bitches Mrs. Monck's Bijou and Mr. Lock's Judy was the order.

Mr. Fawdry won in Dalmatians and Pomeranians.

Mrs. Forder won in Toy Spaniels with Young Jumbo and Lizzie; other winners were Mrs. Monck, Messrs. Stranck and Roby.

Mrs. Monck was well in amongst Maltese and Toy Terriers, other winners being Mr. Mapplebeck and Lady GirTard.

At Belfast, Ireland, on June 20th and 21st, 1878, was held an Exhibition of Sporting and other Dogs, with Mr. J. Burke as manager, and an entry of 359.

The judges who officiated were Messrs. T. H. Scott, T. K. Reid, and J. S. Skidmore.

In Hounds the Killultagh Hunt took all the money.

In Bloodhounds or Mastiffs the winners were shown by Messrs. McCorkell, gNixon, and Corscadden.

St. Bernards or Newfoundlands had one class, with Messrs. J. H. Blair third, Mr. J. Hancock second, and Mr. W. Young first.

Greyhounds, in two classes, found the winners in Messrs. A. Stain, J. McKeown, R. C. Clarke, A. McCann, W. Murray, and J. Rea.

Mr. J. Pike took champion prize in Pointers with Lady Isabel. In Dogs the winners were Messrs. J. J. Lynch, J. Pike, and W. Murray; and in Bitches Messrs. C. H. Mason, J. Pike, and A. Clarke.

In Setters Mr. J. H. O'Brien's Kate won champion prize.

Irish Setters had two classes, with Messrs. J. A. Gardiner, J. J. Pirn, Major Hamilton, and Mr. T. Erwin the winners in Dogs, and Major Hamilton, Messrs. Marcus McGage, J. J. Richardson, and A. E. F. Nuttall in Bitches.

In English Setters the winners were Messrs. C. H. Richardson, Nuttall, and McGage.

Gordon Setters had two classes, in which Messrs. C. H. Mason, C. H. Richardson, and J. Leake won in Open, and Messrs. D. Roddy, W. G. Robinson, and W. J. Smyth in Puppies.

The winners in one mixed class for Retrievers were Messrs. A. Galloway, E. F. Despard, and J. Adair.

In Irish Water-spaniels those "in the money" were shown by Messrs. C. Blair and W. J. Smyth. The prizes in Any other Breed of Spaniels were taken by Messrs. T. A. Bond and J. Taylor.

The winners in Collies were Messrs. W. J. Smyth's Help, C. H. Mason's Carlyle, and Exham's Shep.

Fox-terriers were fairly large and good classes, the champion prizes going to Mr. Richardson's well-known Bramble and Mr. J. J. Pirn's Grace. In Open Dogs the winners were Mr. J. A. Doyle's Beppo, Mr. Astbury's Cobham, Mr. Erskine's Young Risk, and Mr. Thompson's Rattler. In Bitches Mr. S. M. McGredy was first and cup with Lilly, followed by Messrs. J. J. Pirn's Venom, H. P. Shaw's Lizzie, and Astbury's Meg.

In Wire-hairs first and second went to Mr. Richardson's Bristle and Birch, third to Mr. McGee's Young Broom. In Puppies the winners were Messrs. Erskine's Whins, S. Moreland's Thorn, and Astbury's Jewess.

In Smooth Terriers Mr. R. McRae won, and in Rough Mr. C. H. Mason.

Irish Terriers had three classes, the winners in Dogs being Mr. E. Despard (with Tanner), Mr. R. B. Carey (with Sport), and Mr. W. Graham (with Sporter). In Bitches Mr. W. Graham was first and second with Kate and Flora, Mr. E. Despard being third with Ruby. In Puppies the winners were Mr. E. Despard (with Nettle), Mr. W. Graham (with Micky), and Mr. Montgomery (with Brandy).

In Bull-dogs Messrs. Adcock and W. Murray swept the board.

In Bull-terriers Mr. W. Murray took all the prizes.

In Toy Terriers Messrs. J. J. Pirn, A. V. Brown, and T. Adair were all "in the money."

In Any other Terriers the winners were Messrs. R. Lee and W. Kerr.

Messrs. C. H. Mason and T. Morris were the only winners with Pugs.

No other classes require particular mention.

An Exhibition of Sporting and other Dogs was held in the Hay Grounds, Burton-on-Trent, on June 26th, 1878, with an entry of 292.

The judges nominated were the following: Rev. G. F. Hodson, Messrs. G. H. Allsopp and Hugh Dalziel.

Mastiffs had two classes, with the winners owned by Messrs. F. Graham, S. Williams, and F. Evershed in Dogs; and by Messrs. Edwin Brough, J. Neale, and W. A. Allen in Bitches.

Mr. Fred. Gresham was first in Dogs and Bitches in St. Bernards, the other winners being Messrs. G. Dean and G. Lambert.

Mr. Croft won in both classes of Greyhounds, other prizes being taken by Messrs. Spittle, Ramsay, Carver, and Alston.

Messrs. W. Arkwright, G. Moore, and J. Lello took all the money offered for Pointers.

In Gordon Setters Mr. H. Mapplebeck's well-known and typical brace Marquis and Mona were first and second, Mr. Negus's Chany being third. In Other Varieties of Setters Major Strongitharm's Rake won over Mr. G. de L. Macdona's Meg and Blue Prince III.

One mixed class for Spaniels found Mr. Lello winning with Nellie over Mr. Arkwright's Clumber Looby and Mr. J. Hill's Dash.

Retrievers were not numerous, the only prize in Dogs going to Mr. W. J. Lyon's Wave; and in Bitches Mr. H. Mapplebeck was first and cup with the well-known Chicory, Mr. Arkwright second with Soot, and Mr. Croft third with Lucy.

Fox-terriers had four classes, in which Mr. J. Slade's Willie won in Champions. The winners in Dogs were Mr. Firmstone's Nimble, first and cup, followed by Mr. Welch's Towser and Mr. Arkwright's Vulcan. In Bitches the order was Mr. Jack Terry's Nell, Mr. Mawdsley's Merry, and Mr. G. Smyth's Lassie. The winners in Puppies were Messrs. Alston's Hazlewood, Arkwright's Volo, and Goode's Crack.

Sheep-dogs found the winners in Dogs owned by Messrs. C. J. Dodd, J. H. Mather, and E. Jackson, and in Bitches by Messrs. H. Mapplebeck (with Fan), W. Arkwright (with Trio), and J. Swinburne (with Lassie).

In Bull-dogs the prizes were taken by Messrs. Wilkes and J. H.


Mr. T. Hastings won in Bull-terriers with Young Prince, over Mr. R. J. Hartley's Violet and Mr. W. M. Phillips's Laura.

Mr. W. Arkwright swept the board in Dachshunds with his Xaverl, Olgar, and Waldine.

In Black-and-tan Terriers Mr. H. Mapplebeck won with Jet, followed by Messrs. C. Whitehouse (with Nettle), and J. H. Mather (with Viper).

In the same under 14 lb. Mr. J. H. Mather was first and third with Rara and Nettle, Mr. Croft taking second with Ruby.

In Toys under 8 lb. Mr. H. Mapplebeck won with Belle, Mr. Greenwood's Lily and Florry being second and third.

Mr. J. Lewis won in Pugs with Sootey, the others "in the money" being Mr. Theo. Marple's Marquis and Mr. A. J. Flint's Nap.

The winners in Pomeranians were Mr. J. Fawdry and Miss Flint.

In Broken-haired Terriers Mr. Greenwood's Viper and Ben were first and second, Mr. Bradbury's Rosalie being third.

Mr. Mark Gretton took all the prizes in Skyes with his drop-eared specimens.

In Variety Class over 20 lb. Mr. H. Mapplebeck won with his Newfoundland Lion, Mr. Fawdry being second with his Dalmatian Captain, and Mr. Edwin Brough third with his Blood-hound Talbot. In same under 20 lb. the winners were Messrs. J. H. Mather, Croft, W. Brown, and Miss Smith.