Affenpinscher (Monkey Terrier).

Color : Gray-black, blue-gray, dirty yellow, red and their different shades. The light-colored dogs have often a black muzzle.

Height: Not more than 20 in.

Weight: Under 8 lbs.

This is a small ladies' dog, well built, of compact form and very intelligent. The head is thick and round, covered with long, hard and -al hair, short and strong and he should be under-shot, yet without showing teeth, and well furnished with mustache and beard. The eyes are large, round, inent and very inteilligent and dark in color. The eyebrows should be straight d but not hanging, with a general outlook that of the monkey. The ears are cut, carried erect and pointed, set on wide apart and well covered with short He has a very compact body, is sort in neck and broad in chest. The tail is ed to about two-thirds of its length, and is carried upwards. His coat is profuse, hard and unequal, and should be of a dry nature, with a woolly undercoat some-curled.