Belgian Sheepdog.

Color: Reddish-black, if possible with black muzzle. Height: 21 in. Weight: 54 lbs.

A very intelligent and rustic dog built to withstand the changeable climate of urn. His sagacity, activity and enduring strength and dauntless courage fit him peculiarly as a protector for his Belgian master. The head is long, skull flat, not too broad, and moderate "stop." The eyes are brown, with an inquiring intelligent expression. The ears should be stiff and carried erect, and triangular in shape, neck rather long, chest broad and not too deep, back straight, broad, strong, and of medium length. The tail is carried low in repose and should never be curled over the back, and is never docked. There are three varieties as to coat: A. Long and straight on the body, smooth on the head, with the inside of the ears protected by dense hair, and with considerable coat round the frill or mane. Forelegs well feathered and very profuse tail. B. Smooth on the body, head and legs, little longer round the neck, and slight feathering on the tail. C. A hard, dry and bristling wire-coat of the stand-off variety, more or less the same length all over the body, and with a bushy tail.