Color: Reddish fawn, with red mask, red with red mask, fawn and no mask, fawn or red with black mask. Brindles, blacks and pied disqualify.

Height: 29 in.

Weight: 120 lbs.

This is a smooth-coated dog, very powerful in build, somewhat low in stature, massive, broad and muscular. He possesses an enormous head, greater in proportion to his body than that of any other breed, and should be very long and broad, high and square, and the whole of the face and muzzle should be covered with ropes of loose skin, lying in wrinkles. The eyes are small, wide apart, deep set, light in color, and very penetrating in expression. The "rose" ears when uncropped should be small and fine in texture. The neck is very thick and powerful, with skin very loose, forming a dewlap on each side of the throat. Back is short and straight, of great breadth at the shoulder, and the hindquarters should be pear-shaped, as in the bulldog, and it should not be forgotten that this dog is the gladiator of his race.