Boston Terrier.

Color: Brindle with even white markings.

Weight: Not exceeding 27 lbs., divided into three classes, as follows: A, under 17 lbs.; B, 17 to 22 lbs.; C, 22 to 27 lbs.

The general appearance of the Boston Terrier should be that of a lively, highly intelligent, smooth coated, (short headed, compactly built, short tailed, well balanced dog. The head should indicate a high degree of intelligence, the body rather short and well knit, limbs strong and neatly turned. This dog should convey an appear-ance of determination, strength and activity, with easy, graceful carriage. Color and even white markings are given particular consideration in the matter of general appearance. The skull is square, flat, free from wrinkles, abrupt brow, eyes wide apart, large and round, and dark in color. The muzzle is short, square, wide and deep, and free from wrinkles, and the ears should be small and thin. The body is deep with wide chest, and well sprung ribs. The tail is set on low, straight or screw, short, fine and tapering, and the coat is short, smooth and of fine texture.