American Bloodhound.

Color: Tan, black and tan. The black and tan must be well defined; white is not allowed except a small spot on the breast. Height: 28 in. Weight: 60 lbs.

A clog showing much hound character, but is smaller and lighter in muzzle and bone than the English Bloodhound. The skull should be rounded crossways with the occiput slightly prominent. The eyes are piercing with hound expression and hazel in color. The ears should reach to end of muzzle and as much longer as possible; they are thin, covered with a soft silky coat, and low set. The neck should be clean and of good length without throatiness. Back broad, strong and short and hind quarters very strong and muscular. The stern is not very strong in bone at the root and of medium length. The coat is not rough, nor so fine as to be silky, wiry or shaggy.