Bull Terrier.

Color : Pure white. Height : 18 in. Weight : 60 lbs.

This is a symmetrically built dog and the embodiment of agility, grace, elegance and determination. He is styled by some as the Gladiator of the canine race. Certainly he is plucky, yet generations of training have made him the easiest of dogs to control. The skull is flat and wide between the ears, and there should be no stop. The jaws are long and very powerful, eyes small, very black and of almond shape. Ears when not cropped should be small and carried semi-erect. The neck is long and slightly arched without any loose skin. Chest wide and deep with well-sprung ribs, back short and muscular, tail short, set on very low down, thick at the root, and tapering to a fine point, and must never be carried over the back. The coat is short, close and stiff to the touch, with a fine gloss.