Chow Chow.

Colors: Black, red, yellow, blue, white. All self-colors. Height: 20 in. Weight: 50 lbs.

A lively, compact, short-bodied dog with well-knit frame, and tail curled well over the back. The skull is flat and broad, well filled out under the eyes, and broad at the snout. His tongue should be black, eyes dark and small, 'though in the blue shades a lighter colored eye is permissible. The ears are small, pointed and erect, and should be placed well forward over the eyes, a feature which gives the dog a characteristic expression or "scowl" peculiar to the breed. The chest is broad and deep; back short, straight and strong, and his coat in the rough variety should be abundant, dense, straight, coarse in texture, with a soft woolly undercoat. Smooth-coated CHOWS are identically the same as above, except that the coat should be smooth, short and dense.