Dandie Dinmont.

Color: Pepper or mustard. The peppers range from a dark bluish-black to a light silvery-gray. The mustards vary from a reddish-brown to a pale fawn, the head being a creamy-white.

Height: 10 in. Weight: 18 lbs.

This is a terrier of considerable antiquity. He is very game and a dog of exceptional power and pluck, yet endowed with an abundance of common sense and docility. He should be round in skull, full in eye, which should be a rich dark hazel. This dog should be strong in jaw, with short, stout legs,-and long weasel-shaped body, with a soft linty coat and top-knot. A point strongly demanded is the size and carriage of his ears, which should be almond-shaped, set on low, smooth coated, with edges fringed with longer hair, and lay very close to the head.