English Greyhound.

Color : Any color, but those preferred are black, red or brindles, fawn, blue and slates. Height : 27 in. Weight : 65 lbs.

The Greyhound's head should be fairly wide between the ears and of good length. The muzzle is long anl lean. The eyes are full, bright and penetrating, giving one the idea of high spirits and animation. The ears are set well back on the head, small and folding when at rest, but raised when in action. The neck is fairly long, arched and very flexible. The shoulders should be as oblique as possible. Chest wide and. deep, back-powerful and arched, loins strong, broad and deep, and the hind legs very muscular, somewhat long, the stifles strong and well bent, and very muscular thighs. The tail is long, fine and nicely curved. A terse description of this dog is contained in the following couplet :

The head of a snake, A back like a beam, The tail of a rat.

The neck of a drake, A side like a bream, And the foot of a cat.