Griffon Korthals.

Color: Steel gray with brown patches or self-colored brown often mixed with grey hairs. Also white, grey with brown, or grey with yellow patches.

Height: 24 in.

Weight: 56 lbs.

This dog is of medium size, symmetrical and well built. The head is heavy and long, covered with wiry hair not too long, but there should be a good moustache and eyebrows. The muzzle is long and square, nasal bone convex and the stop not too abrupt. The eyes are large, very intelligent in expression and brown or dark yellow in color. The nose is always brown. Ears of medium size, set on not too low, carried close to the head. The back strong and well developed and the forelegs straight, muscular and covered with wiry hair. The stern is carried straight out and is covered with wirv hair but without feather. About a third of the stern is generally docked. The coat is wiry, crisp and harsh like fine iron wire, never curly or woolly. Undercoat is dense and soft.