Color: Self-colored brown, often with a white patch on stern and chest; white with large or small brown patches, or mixed.

Height: 20 in.

Weight: 56 lbs.

The Wachtel-hund is somewhat like the German Setter in miniature and is strongly built, notwithstanding his small size. The head is large and long, skull slightly rounded and fairly broad. Muzzle of fair length and narrow with the occipital bone and stop both well defined. The eyes are dark in color, varying in shade with that of the coat and of medium size. The ears are long compared with those of the German Setter, are set on high and hang close to the head. The neck should be strong and not throaty; chest deep, back straight, broad and muscular, and the loins short and broad. He is strong and straight on the leg and the tail is usually docked and well feathered. The coat is slightly wavy, fairly long and very dense.

Wachtel Hund.