Color: White and orange, white and wheaten, white and mouse-gray, and with red or brown patches.

Height: 25 in.

Weight: 65 lbs.

An upstanding dog of firm structure, covered with a hard and close coat. The head is rather big and typical, pro-nounced in occiput and muzzle of good length. The eyes are rather small, brown in color and full of life. Ears long, nicely folded and hang gracefully. He is muscular in body, deep and broad in chest with a rather long muscular back. The stern is of medium length, carried gaily and well covered with hard hair. The coat is thick, hard and wiry.

A similar dog to the Vendeen but more nervous in temperament and not so heavily coated as the. Griffon de Cosse, and those marked with the red or brown patches are called Griffons du Grip or Griffons d'Anjou.

Griffon Vendeen.