Color: Almost any color, but black and black and tan will disqualify.

Weight: Three classes are provided, under 20 lbs., 20 to 24 lbs, and 24 to 28 lbs.

The French Bulldog ought to have the appearance of an active, intelligent and very muscular dog of cobby build and heavy in the bone for his size. The head should be large and square with the forehead nearly flat, the muscles of the cheek well developed but not prominent. "Stop" as deep as possible. The forehead should be wrinkled, and the skin of the head not tight. Eyes moderate in size and dark in color. "Bat" ears of medium size, large at the base and rounded at the tips and placed high on the head. The body should be short and rotund with a distinct roach and light but sound quarters. His shoulders should be strong and he should stand on short but fairly stout limbs for his size. The fundamental difference between the French Bulldog and the English miniature is seen in the foreface which in the French should show some slight protusion of the underjaw, and some turnup, but no layback.

French Bulldog.