Gris De Saint Louis.

Color: Grizzle on the back, red brindled with the legs of a hare color, or the back rather black and the legs tinted with red. Height: 23 in. Weight: 55 lbs.

This is a dog of good size, rather high on the legs, strong and symmetrically built. The long, well-developed head has a broad skull, slightly rounded and stop well defined. The muzzle is of medium length, square and strong. His bright and intelligent eyes are dark brown in color. The ears are set well back on the head, are long, thin, and nicely folded. Neck not too long and very muscular. He is strong and broad in back with a deep and capacious chest. Legs straight, long and well boned. The stern is thick and well covered with hair and carried very curved. The coat is hard and wiry.