Normand Dog.

Color: White with large brown, black or grizzled patches, tri-color with grizzle saddle. Height: 29 in. Weight: 78 lbs.

A heavy, strong, rather coarse-looking dog and is the heaviest of all the French Hounds. He has a long, broad skull with coarse muzzle and the skin on the head is very loose and wrinkled. The eyes are full and gay and the haw is visible. Ears set on low, long, thin, velvety and folding inwards. The body is rather long and heavy. Neck short, strong and thick with heavy dewlap. Back broad, strong and well muscled. Legs strong, muscular and with rather coarse bone. The feet are clean and pointed. The stern is thick at the root, tapering towards the point and carried gaily, curved upwards. The coat is short and coarse in appearance.