Color: All colors are allowable - red, fawn, black, black and tan, sable, brindle, white and parti colors. Those with black masks and "spectacles" around the eyes and lines to ears are the most appreciated.

Weight: A. 10 to 18 lbs.; B. Under 10 lbs.

This is probably the most fashionable pet dog now in vogue. His character is full of dignity and consummate pride, and disgust for anything menial or common. His head is massive, broad, wide and flat between the ears and eyes. The eyes should be large, dark, prominent, round and lustrous. "Stop" deep. Ears heart-shaped, drooping and well feathered. Muzzle very short, broad and wrinkled. He has a heavy-fronted body and light hind quarters, and the great coat on the frill and neck give him a lion-like appearance. The coat should be long, straight and flat, with dense undercoat and well feathered on thighs, legs, tail and toes.