Prick Eared Skye Terrier

Color: Dark or light blue or gray, or fawn with black points. Ears much darker than the body. Height: 9 in. Weight: 18 lbs. This is a dog of long and low structure. The skull is wide at front of brow, narrows between the ears and tapers gradually toward the muzzle. The eyes should be hazel color and set close together. Ears small, carried nearly erect, and the neck long. The back should be level and slightly declining from hip to shoulders, and should be very long and low. The tail should hang perpendicular with a slight backward curl at the end. This clog's coat should be long, hard, straight and flat, with a short, dense woolly undercoat. The hair on the head is shorter and softer than on the rest of the body, and should veil the forehead and eyes.