Rough Coated Collie

Color : Any color is accepted provided the markings do not disfigure. The most popular colors are sable, with its many varying shades, and white markings, black with white and tan markings, and blue merles.

Height: 24 in. Weight: 65 lbs. The collie is a lithe, active dog, and is remarkable chiefly for his intelligent, cunning, yet kindly outlook, his magnificent coat and the devotion he displays to his master. The elegance of his outline is quite distinct from any other breed and shows great strength and activity. The head should be moderately long, proportionate to the size of the dog, with a flat skull moderately wide between the ears, and a very slight elevation at the eyebrows, and very little "stop." The muzzle should be well filled up before the eyes. The ears are small and when at attention should be carried semi-erect, with the tips turning slightly outwards. The eyes are a most important feature in this breed They should be almond-shaped, not too large or too small, set obliquely in the head, and of a dark hazel color. The blue merles should have a merled or "China" eye, though this is not an essential. On the size, color and placing of the eyes>, together with the size and placement of the ears depends the expression and characteristic outlook which is so appreciated by connoisseurs. The neck, should be long, body fairly short, with well sprung ribs, chest deep and forelegs straight. Any tendency to cow-hocks in the hind legs should be penalized. The tail should be fairly long, carried low when in repose, and straight or gaily when excited. The coat, except on the mask, tips of ears and legs where it is smooth, should be very abundant, especially around the neck and chest, where it should form a distinct cape and frill. A dense undercoat is also very essential.