St. Bernard.

Color: Red, orange, various shades of brindle, or white with patches on body, of the above named colors. He should have white muzzle, blaze up face, collar, chest, forelegs, feet and end of tail, with black shadings on face and ears.

Height: Not less than 30 in.

Weight: 200 lbs.

This dog is known as the "Saintly" breed and may by his size, magnificent appearance, beautiful temper and docility be justly regarded as one of the finest examples and most noble members of the canine species. 1 he head is large and massive, short and square in the muzzle, with great depth from eye to lower jaw. The eyes are rather small, deeply set and dark in color, the lower eyelid drooping, showing the haw. His expression should betoken benevolence, dignity and intelligence. Ears of medium size and not heavily feathered. Chest wide and deep with level back, well rounded ribs, and very muscular loins. He should be strong and straight on his legs. The tail is long and bushy, carried low when in repose. There are two varieties as regards coat: A. In the long-coated variety it should be dense and flat, rather fuller around the neck, with the thighs well feathered; B. In the short-coated variety, it should be close and hound-like and only slightly feathered on thighs and tail.