Color: White with large yellow, orange or tan patches. Frequently spotted with red or yellow markings and a black shade with red color is permissible. The skin is often spotted with black, giving him a blue appearance when out of coat.

Height: 20 in.

Weight: 46 lbs.

A dog of medium size, strong but not heavily built. The skull is broad and the occipital bone well developed, eyes rather large but not prominent, hazel brown, bright and intelligent. The ears are not set on too high, are thin and moderately long, and covered with fine hair. Chest deep and not too broad, and is short and broad in back. Stern of medium length, fairly short, strong at the root, and well coated. There are two varieties as to coat: A. Smooth and dense, which is fine and glossy on the head, eyes and shoulders, and coarser on the back; B. Medium length, coarse, hard and dull.

Swiss Hound.