Tibetan Mastiff.

Color: Black and tan, red with black saddle, mahogany red, or all black. White is sometimes seen on the chest and toes.

Height: Not less than 30 in. Weight: Not less than 160 lbs.

This is a large, powerful and noble-looking animal, in aspect courageous, grim and earnest. The skull is broad and arched, with prominent occiput. His small eyes are dark brown in color, and often show the haw. The deep wrinkles around the eyes give him a sullen, savage look. Ears set on high, hang straight down, and not too long. His neck is short and powerful, the hair on it standing up like a mane. The tail is short, bushy and usually carried over the back, and his coat is soft, thick, long and straight, with a woolly undercoat.