Wire Coated German Terrier (Schnanzer Or Rattler).

Color: Pepper and salt, iron-gray, silver-gray, dull black with yellow or tan markings on head and legs, rust-yellow and gray-yellow. A bright red is objectionable.

Height: 18 in.

Weight: 28 lbs.

This is a strongly built cobby dog, of a rather nervous temperament, yet he is gay, watchful, very intelligent and courageous, without being quarrelsome. He is a first rate rat dog. The head is strong, fairly long, with a flat skull rather narrow between the ears, and the occiput is well developed. The ears are set on high and are cropped with rounded tips. The oval eyes convey an intelligent and vivacious expression, with eyebrows well developed and covered with rough upstanding hair. His back is strong and straight and rather flat sided in rib. The tail is set on high, is docked very short and if a bob-tail is much appreciated. The coat is as hard, rough and wiry as possible, of the stand-off variety and though it is shorter on the head, it is not softer. On the muzzle we find a characteristic short beard and whiskers.

This breed has worked himself into popular favor in Germany by his indefatigable industry as a worker and as a good friend of the horse, hence he is much appreciated in the stable. Certainly he is very intelligent, a very apt pupil, as quick as lightning in his movements and unfailing in his fidelity, courage, endurance and muscular strength. He is a rare good dog for bad weather purposes.

Smooth-Coated German Terrier

This dog is the same in every particular to the wire-coated German terrier, excepting that his color is black and tan, black with yellow shade and wolf gray, and the coat is smooth, of fine texture and lays close to the body.