Mix equal parts of linseed oil and lime water and apply freely as soon as possible after the accident. A severe burn or scald is sure to be a blemish for life, and if severe often gives a violent shock to the system, and symptoms of illness arising from it should be observed and treated according to circumstances. Apply the above oil direct to the wound alone, and at once cover thickly with cotton wool to exclude the air from the bladders formed. On removing the dressing prick the bladders with a needle, smooth them down gently, re-apply the dressing, taking care that no hairs are left on the sore places.


May be due to contact with fire, but more frequently it is boiling water that has caused the injury. In some cases the skin is scorched and the hair frizzled, but the hair roots are not destroyed and a new growth soon reappears. In other cases the tissues of the skin are destroyed, the hair roots killed, and a large blister forms, which, usually, goes through a stage of suppuration and then heals, leaving a smooth, white, glistening scar on which the hair never grows. If the skin is only scorched apply three or four times a day the common lime water and linseed oil lotion, composed of one part of lime water to two parts of linseed oil. This relieves the pain, protects the parts from the air and in a few days the patient is all right. In those cases where the skin has been burned deeply the parts should be coated with boracic ointment. After the blister breaks there is nothing better than boracic ointment to apply to the raw surfaces. It should be laid on thickly and protected by lint or absorbent cotton, kept in place by a bandage. The dressing should be repeated three times a day.