Clogging Of Nazal Passage With Phlegm

For this smear the nose once a day with a little pine tar oil, which the dog will lick off, and it will act like magic. Also get some onions, cut up small and tie around the dog's neck. If the cough is very troublesome, boil down some onions and brown sugar and give a teaspoonful every two hours. It is a wonderful salve for the sore throat that in most cases the dog will have in connection with the nazal discharge.

Bitch Don'T Get Properly In Heat

Bull bitch, over 4 years. She does not come properly on heat; the parts are swollen for more than four weeks, and the discharge is never colored.


The next time the bitch shows signs of coming in season, give twice a day for a week, made into a pill with resin ointment, 2 grs. of permanganate of potash. Get 14 pills made up.

Bloody Discharge From Ear

Irish terrier continually shakes his head and bloody matter runs from the ear and his eyes are also affected, can you tell me what to do?


Syringe out the ears with a tablespoonful of alcohol in a gill of warm water; let the dog shake his ears and then wipe carefully. When dry fill the orifices with boracic acid powder. He should be better in two treatments. Wipe out the ears gently with absorbent cotton several times a day.

Excessive Thirst

I have a bull bitch that is out of shape. She drinks as much as a quart of water at a time. Is this due to kidney trouble?


Give twice a day an hour after feeding, three drops of tincture of cantharides in a tablespoonful of water. Continue for about a week.

Hair Grower

Tincture cantharides, solution of strong amonia, and oil rosemary, of each 1 dram; glycerine 2 drams; water to make four ounces. Mix, and dab on the ear twice a day. This was used with success on a Pomeranian that had no hair on its ears.

Puppy Rash

Which often develops after puppies leave the mother, can be dried up, and if puppy should lick it, all the better. Dissolve a teaspoonful of liver of surphur (Sulp. Potass), in a quart of warm water and apply once a day.

Bald Spots

These are common, and if the hair follicle is not destroyed it can be stimulated into activity, but if dead treatment is useless. If the baldness is caused by eczema rub the spots sparingly with a little green iodide of mercury, was the next day and apply lanolin ointment. The following lotion is also useful in stimulating the activity of the roots of the hair: Tincture of cantharides two drams, oil of rosemary two drams, glycerine four drams, water to make eight ounces. Apnly twice a day and use care to avoid getting into the eyes and ears.

Dogs Too Fat

An excessive amount of fat is as much a disease as maciation. It involves the heart and lungs, which are weakened. The liver and kidneys and the stomach all share in the decline, and the reproductive functions decline. This condition, however, should not be confounded with dropsy or ascites, and the latter can be differentiated by the fact that in dropsical disorders the flesh gives way under the fingers, while the flesh of a fat dog is comparatively firm.

The appearance of the urine may change greatly without the subject's health being in any way affected. An excessive amount of urine indicates diabetes. Dard-colored urine, during acute attacks of disease, simply means that the water which is ordinarily passed has been disposed of by the body in some other way and the excretion is condensed. Straining indicates prostatic trouble, inflammation or a partial paralysis of the parts. Blood in the urine indicates an injury and is usually alarming.

Cold After Whelping

Should the dam take cold after whelping it may affect the milk glands, causing swelling and inflammation. The very best remedy for this is sage ointment, made by taking a good handful of the leaves of common garden sage; either green or dry may be used. Simmer them in a small teacup of lard for two or three hours over a slow fire, then strain through muslin and set aside to cool.

It should be applied hot and plentifully over the swelling, and be gently but well rubbed in three or four times daily, until improvement is manifest, always rubbing toward the teat, never in any other direction. If sage cannot be procured, the bark of the root of bittersweet (celastrus scandens) may be used instead, as it is also excellent for this purpose, although not quite so efficient as sage.

Postules Between Toes

At first they are hard but soon come to a head and break, making the dog's feet very tender. These eruptions are quite common in English bulldogs, or, in fact, any dog that is crowded to make flesh and bone or over fed as all pets are so frequently. Wash the parts carefully, paint between the toes with tincture of iodine, and lance the pustules, squeezing out all the matter. Dry and repeat the iodine whenever you see a new pustule starting.

Graduated Scale Of Medicines

There are many medicines prescribed for dogs and as it is desirable that the dose should be known, the following graduated scale may be taken: The dose for our largest dogs of eighteen months old and upwards may be taken as the same as for a man. Taking, then, the Mastiff or St. Bernard as requiring a dose we may call one part; middle-sized dogs may be given from half to three-quarters; Terriers of from 20 to 30 pounds, a quarter; and Toy dogs from a twelfth to an eighth part. In regard to age: The mature dog, one part; a year old, three-quarters; six to nine months, half; and a pup of from four to six weeks, one-eighth. The dose must further be graduated by considerations of the constitution and strength of the dog.

Discharge In Bitch In Whelp And After

Syringe passage out thoroughly every day with a teaspoonful of powdered alum dissolved in half a pint of warm water, and give twice a day, made into a pill, two grains of sulphate of iron, which continue for a week. The latter, the dose for medium sized dog, toy dogs less.