Black spaniel has a lump on the groins like a cherry. Can I have it cut off? Is it a cancer?


The growth is best removed by ligature. Tie a piece of strong silk tightly round, and renew once a week till it breaks away.

Sulphur, Proper Use Of

Sulphur is a very excellent thing, probably the finest blood purifier that exists, but it is insoluble as sulphur, and such well meaning people as use it in that form might just as well soak a stone, a lump of coal, or, being millionaires and inclined that way, a diamond, for any good it will do the animal for which it is intended. If you want to give it you can take a leaf out of the nurse's book and go in for brimstone and treacle, or use the same in the form of a pill, or bolus, with other things, such as cream of tartar, or merely sprinkle flowers of sulphur in the water so that when drinking the dog laps some of it up.

By all of these means the sulphur is received into the system and a portion absorbed, which is all that was wanted.

Milk, Proper Use Of

Milk is very beneficial and nutricious in combination with different forms of food, has also certain drawbacks. Given alone not only is it frequently an indubitable cause of worms, but, should the bitch's stomach be at all upset, will turn acid and provide the puppies with diarrhoea, indigestion and all sorts of enjoyable aids to the relief of monotony. Consequently, under any circumstances, it is well to previously boil it for some minutes, the addition of one-third lime water is to be advised. A much safer concoction is a fairly strong solution of Nestle's preparation which does not contain the ova of intestinal parasites, and may be trusted not to go sour even during a self-respecting thunderstorm.

Ulcers On The Tongue

This painful condition when met with in the dog is usually the result of neglect, the teeth being allowed to accumulate tartar. The ulcers may be due to rough or decayed teeth as well as to a disordered stomach, the latter being a frequent cause. In the latter case aperients must be administered, and a plain diet be furnished, and in moderate quantities, when, as the condition of the stomach improves, the ulcers will disappear. If tartar is present, it must be removed by scaling, and the teeth afterwards gone over with an ordinary tooth-brush dipped into weak listerine. Any decayed teeth must be extracted. The ulcers themselevs should be slightly touched with nitrate of silver

Milk For Weaning Puppies

I have some greyhound puppies I am weaning. I don't want to use cow's milk. Is there any way of making a mixture that will give a milk equal to the bitch's milk? Ans. - Yes. Add to 15 ounces of cow's milk 2 1/2 ounces of cream, 2 1/2 ounces of Plasmon, and 8 ounces of water. This will be better and fresher than giving condensed milk as you know what you are using.

Boracic Solution, To Make

Dissolve a teaspoonful of powdered boracic acid in half a pint of tepid water.

Sore Rectum

Apply sparingly twice a day some compound hemlock and tannic acid ointment to the part. "Unguentine" salve will also heal up quickly.

How Often To Use A Stud Dog

Owners of stud dogs have often been more or less perplexed as to the quantity of bitches it is advisable to allow a dog to serve within a given period. To satisfy any doubt on that point, and for the guidance of owners, one bitch per week the year round, which would give two bitches per week during the breeding season, is ample for any dog.

A dog in good health will take no harm with a harem of the dimensions indicated, but more visitors he has beyond that number and greater will be the strain upon his system. Too much stud work impairs the dog's procreative faculties, and has not only a tendency to produce weakness and decripitude in the dog's hindquarters, but a race of weakly offspring is likely to result.

To Improve The Coat

Rub all over dog, about once or twice a week, a mixture made with methylated spirits, one part; almond oil, seven parts.

Giving Raw Eggs

Raw eggs can be easily fed, as it is only necessary to break off the end of the shell, open the dog's mouth with the fingers of the left hand, and, withdrawing the tongue somewhat with one or two fingers of the right hand allow the contents of the egg to run down his throat. If he refuses to swallow, relaxing the tongue will usually have the desired effect.

Breaking Dog Of Sucking Eggs

Make a small hole and put in enough syrup of ipecac to vomit a dog, then conceal the opening and put the egg where the dog will find it. After that the very sight of an egg will make him sick at the stomach.

Lack Of Milk

To induce flow of milk, feed raw meat mixed with well cooked oatmeal - the real oatmeal, not the breakfast foods, but It must be well boiled. Give some milk between times.

Paralysis Before In Heat

Female Pom., 7 months, about 8 lbs., completely lost the use of her hind legs, and her front legs seem weak, muscles of neck appear to be affected, as she has difficulty in picking up food, and has to be fed by hand; cannot move about at all, and frequently has twitch-ings in her legs.


It is paralysis which occasionally occurs in bitches before coming in heat for the first time. Give three times a day five grains of the homeopathic trituration of nux vomica. Keep the bowels well opened, and see that the bladder operates regularly. Do not use liniment.

Capsules, Giving Medicine In

Taken all round, there is no better method of giving medicine to dogs than in the form of flexible gelatine capsules. And it is a fact that a dog can swallow a capsule much more readily than a pill, so that even a large capsule will often slip down the more readily than quite a little pill or bolus. Capsules have many advantages; they are much cleaner, of course, than powders and liquids to begin with. Then they can be made to contain almost anything; and there are very few drugs that cannot now be concentrated, so that the chemist is able to produce quite a tiny capsule containing quite a large dose of physic. A few things, like castor oil and olive oil, cannot be concentrated, of course; but all the more potent vegetable products and extracts like cascara sagrada, can be condensed into this small, convenient form. Then there is the further advantage of disintegration. A gelatin capsule will dissolve in the stomach far more quickly than a pill will dissolve; so you get quicker action and speedier result. In point of fact, the pearl coating so common nowadays on pills is frequently a great disadvantage. It is made of French chalk, and often forms almost a cement, the effect of which is to prevent the contents from disintegrating, ^