By B. WATERS (Kingrail)

MR. WATERS is a practical, experienced trainer and handler, and a most pleasing, logical writer. His experience in the field as a sportsman, trainer, and also as a field trial judge, handler in, and reporter of, field trials, enabled him to write the best treatise on the subject in a clear and most convincing manner. Some typical opinions of the book follow:

" It eclipses anything of the kind I have ever read." " It gives the very essence of the art." " A lover of dogs should not be without it." " Without doubt the best work of the kind ever published." " It leaves no point uncovered ; all is made clear to the novice, and clearer to many of us professionals."

" The only treatise on training and handling worthy of the name." " The best, in fact the only, book on the subject of training that is worth reading. It will be worth a hundred times its price to amateurs." " I cannot refrain from expressing my deepest admiration at the masterly manner in which so difficult a subject is handled. The most complicated points of a dog's education are explained in language so simple and expressive that a person who could not take a copy of the work and train a dog fit to suit the queen's taste was evidently intended to fill some other sphere in life where the lack of brains would be the strongest recommendation."