By Dixon Kemp, Associate of the Institute of Naval Architects and Member of the Council, Author of "Yacht Designing" and "Yacht Architecture." This edition has been largely re-written, and contains a great number of new subjects, and the lines of many boats never before published, the total number of Plates exceeding 100, besides more than 350 woodcuts in the text. Seventh Edition. Super-royal 8vo., price 25s., or by post 26s. (The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have ordered this work to be supplied to the Libraries of the ships of the Royal Navy).


Selecting a Yacht; Examination of the Yacht; Building a Yacht; The Equipment of the Yacht; Seamanship; The Management of Open Boats; The General Management of a Yacht; The Rules of the Yacht Racing Association; Yacht Racing; Handling a Yacht in a Match; Centre-Board Boats; Centre-Board Boats for Rowing and bailing; Sails for Centre-Board Boats; Small Centre-Board Yachts; Mersey Sailing Boats; Clyde Sailing Boats; Belfast Lough Boats; Dublin Bay, Kingstown Boats; Cork Harbour Boats; Itchen Boats; Falmouth Quay Punts; Thames Bawley Boats; Lake Windermere Yachts; Yachts of the Norfolk Broads; Small Yachts and Boats of Y.R.A. Rating; Single-handed Cruisers; Types of Sailing Vessels; Double Boats; Steam Yachting; Ice Yachting; Canoeing; Amateur Canoe Building (in America).

Appendix contains complete instructions as to Practical Boat Building. This section is arranged alphabetically in the form of a dictionary, and embodies a variety of information connected with Yachts, Boats, the customs of the sea, laws relating to seamen, nautical terms, and in fact everything which might be expected in a nautical cyclopaedia. Full instruction is given as to the building and management of every bloat described.