By Dixon Kemp, Associate of the Institute of Naval Architects and Member of the Council. This work enters into the whole subject of the laws which govern the resistance of bodies moving in water, and the influence a wave form of body and wave lines have upon such resistance. It also deals comprehensively with the subject of Steam Propulsion as applied to yachts. An easy System for Designing is provided, and every necessary calculation is explained in detail. The latter part of the work is devoted to Yacht Building, and engravings are given of every detail of construction and fitting, including laying off, taking bevels, etc. The List of Plates (exclusive of over thirty devoted to the elucidation of the text, and nearly two hundred woodcuts) exceeds fifty, and comprises the Lines of some of the most celebrated Yachts afloat by the most successful builders and designers. Second Edition. Super-royal 8vo., price 2 2s., by post 2 3s.

Opinions Of The Press

"Mr. Horace Cox, London, has published a new edition of Mr. Dixon Kemp's treatise on ' Yacht Architecture.' The book, which is an admirable exposition of the whole science and art of designing and building yachts, has been revised, partly re-written, and much enlarged in this edition. No small part of the new matter consists of new diagrams and plates. The work has from the first been exceptionally rich in this practical help to builders. It now contains probably the most complete collection of designs of this kind that have been brought together into a book. The text takes notice of all recent improvements in building and of new developments in the scientific theories of propulsion by steam and sail. The new edition, on the whole, will keep the book in its place as an indispensable work of reference and instruction for builder." - The Scotsman, April 20, 1891.

"One great merit in the second edition of Mr. Kemp's ' Yacht Architecture' is that it is in every part written up to time. The chapter on stability is in every respect highly satisfactory, technical enough to satisfy the specialist, and yet plain enough to inform the man of ordinary intelligence. So also in regard to centre-boards. When the first edition was published, few English yachtsmen knew or cared as to what was meant by the term; but the racing for the 'America' Cup, and especially the running of the Thistle with the Volunteer in the autumn of 1887, has created quite a new interest in centre-boards, and the subject is discussed in this edition in a manner at once simple and lucid. The chapters devoted to steam yachts are among the most satisfactory in the book." - Daily Graphic, April 29, 1891.

"'Yacht Architecture,' by Mr. Dixon Kemp, has been re-issued from the Field office,partly re-written, revised, and enlarged.....A series of new plates of the lines of the most modern craft take the place of those accompanying the first edition of the work. By means of these illustrations the respective British and American types of yachts may be compared, and the amateur may learn the practice of the best builders upon both sides of the Atlantic." - Daily Telegraph, May 19,1891.

A handsome and portly volume, which ought to find a place in the library of every yachtsman." - Glasgow Herald, April 23,1891.

" Mr. Dixon Kemp's volume supplies yachtsmen with every possible information in a plain practical manner, and, furthermore, to the most experienced theorist it will be found of almost constant use for reference in both theoretical and practical knowledge." - Irish Times, April 28, 1801.

"Field" Office, Windsor House, Bream's Buildings, E.C.