The Collie Or Sheepdog

A History and Description of the Collie or Sheepdog, in his British Varieties. By Rawdon B. Lee, Kennel Editor of the "Field," and Author of "The Fox Terrier." Demy 8vo., printed on plate paper, with illustrations by Arthur Wardle, price 3s. 6d., by post 3s. IId. A few copies on large paper, price 10s. 6d., by post IIs.

" 'The Collie or Sheepdog' is a sufficiently well known and popular animal to render a history and description of the British varieties of the species a welcome addition to the library of the dog fancier. Mr. Rawdon Lee publishes a volume dealing with the subject, which is issued by Mr. Horace Cox at the Field Office. Much information as to the breeding and points of the dog is given, together with an exhaustive account of competitive trials, of which the writer has a large experience. It is needless to say that anecdotes as to the sagacity of the collie are numerous." - Morning Post, July 23,1800

"The subject of the present volume is the ever-popular collie, which is treated in the same attractive manner as the previous work. It breathes of the hills, and living as Mr. Lee did for so many years in Westmoreland, he can transfer to his pages many interesting reminiscences of the sheepdog as a worker, comparing hire with the collie in the more refined period of his life. The initial chapters are excellent reading, and the author has displayed considerable skill in them bringing as he does the testimonies of poets and of painters, of shepherds and of breeders." - Fancier's Gazette, |ulv 18,1890.

Mr. Lee's book, filled as it is with accurate information as to the various strains and valuable suggestions as to their rearing and management, is a manual which to all collie owners or collie breeders is likely to be highly serviceable." - Saturday Review, May 16,1891.

The Dogs Of The British Islands

Being a Series of Articles on the Points of their Various Breeds; and the Treatment of the Diseases to which they are Subject. By the late J. H. Walsh, "Stone-henge," Editor of the "Field" (with the aid of several experienced Breeders). Fifth Edition. Re-written, with additions, and new full-page engravings. In one volume, bevelled boards, gilt edges, price 15s., by post 15s. 9d.

Contents - General Management: Management of Dogs in Health; Drugs Commonly Used for the Diseases of Dogs, and their Modes of Administration; the Ordinary Diseases of the Dog and their Treatment; Judging at Dog Shows and Field Trials. Sporting Dogs: Dogs Used with the Gun; Hounds and their Allies. Non-Sporting Dogs: Watch Dogs; Sheep and Cattle Dogs; Terriers (other than Fox and Toy); Toy Dogs.

"This edition of 'The Dogs of the British Islands' contains so much fresh matter that it may be almost considered a new work. To breeders and lovers of dogs the book is an invaluable one-Here are all the discussions upon moot points of breed, strain, colour, size, and form, which have taken place in the columns of the Field since 1865: here the law for judging dogs, and the number of marks to be awarded for the various points are clearly laid down: here the specialities of the most celebrated sires of various species are talked over, and the history, so to speak, of each breed of dog is given. To this are added directions for the management and treatment of dogs in health and in sickness. Altogether it is a vade mecum for the dog fancier and breeder." - Evening Standard.

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