British And Irish Salmonidae

By Francis Day, CIE., F.L.S., and F.Z.S. This work is an exhaustive treatise on the Salmonidae of the British Islands, and will be found equally valuable to the Angler, the Fish Culturist, and the Scientific Icthyologist. In one volume, imperial 8vo., cloth, price 1 is., by post 1 is. 6d. With twelve coloured plates and many woodcuts. A few copies to be had, beautifully bound in whole calf, full gilt, price 35s.

"Field" Office, Windsor House, Bream's Buildings, E.C.

[Vol. III].

The Sheep And Pigs Of Great Britain

Being a Series of Articles on the Various Breeds of Sheep and Pigs of the United Kingdom, their History, Management, etc. Edited by the late J. COLEMAN, Editor of the Farm Department of the "Field," and formerly Professor of Agriculture at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester. Illustrated with full-page engravings drawn principally from life by Harrison Weir. In Imperial 4to., bevelled boards, gilt edges, price 18s., by post 18s. 9d.

Estate Management

A Practical Handbook for Landlords, Agents, and Pupils. By Charles E. Curtis. With a Legal Supplement by a Barrister. Third Edition. In demy 8vo., price 10s. 6d., by post IIs.


Letting and Leases; Farm Valuations; Forestry: Underwood; Fences; Grasses suitable for Woods and Plantations; The Home Farm; Repairs and Materials; The Blights of Wheat and other Cereals; Accounts; Useful Rules of Arithmetic and Mensuration.

Poultry For The Table And Market

Versus Fancy Fowls, with an Exposition of the Fallacies of Poultry Farming. By W. B. TEGETMEIER, F.Z.S. Second Edition, revised and enlarged, with many additional engravings. Demy 8vo., price 2s. 6d., by post 2s. 9d.


Introductory; Game Fowls; Dorking; Cochins; Brahmas; Lang-shans, Plymouth Rocks, and Wyandottes; Malays, Indian Game, and Aseels; French Table Breeds - Houdans, Crevecoeur, and La Fleche; Non-sitting Varieties - Spanish, Minorcas, Andalusian, and Leghorn; Non-sitting and Other Varieties; Housing; Feeding; Hatching; Rearing the Chicken; Breeding for the Market - Eggs; Breeding for the Market - Chickens; Fattening; Turkeys and Guinea Fowl; Ducks; Geese; Diseases of Poultry; Fallacies of Poultry Farming; Fowls in Small Runs; Caponising.

"Field" Office, Windsor House, Bream's Buildings, E.C.