In our nomenclature the terms 'Keratoma' and 'Keraphyllocele' are both used to indicate the condition we have just described. There are some, however, who reserve the term 'Keratoma' for horny tumours occurring only on the sole, and for that reason we draw special attention to the word here. Keratoma may thus be used to describe what we have called keraphyllocele directly that growth makes its appearance at the sole, and is there able to be cut with the knife. Similar hard and condensed growths may, however, make their appearance on the sole in other positions quite removed from the white line, plainly being secreted by the villous tissue of the sensitive sole, and having no connection whatever with the sensitive laminae. They appear as circular patches, varying in size from a shilling to a two-shilling piece. Compared with the surrounding horn, they stand out white and glistening, while in structure they are dense and hard, and offer a certain amount of resistance to the knife. They are of quite minor importance, and, beyond keeping them well pared down, need no attention. Keratoma probably offers us the best analogy we have to corn of the human subject.