The difficulty in bringing about a natural presentation in this case will be in proportion to the backward displacement of the head.

Should this be slight, it may only require that the hand be passed under the chin or into the mouth, and the head raised into the passage. Where, however, the neck is much bent, and the head carried under the brisket with the poll firmly fixed against the pelvic brim (fig. 554), considerable difficulty will be experienced in restoring the parts to their proper position.

The first requirement will be to push the body backwards by means of a powerful arm, or failing in this, crutches applied to the front of the shoulders. By doing this, room will be provided for the forward movement of the head. An attempt must now be made to raise the latter by seizing such parts as come within reach to which traction may be applied. The ears will be first accessible, or blunt hooks (fig. 557) may be inserted into the orbits, or passed behind the lower jaw or into the angle of the mouth. It is necessary to point out that in order to obtain the full benefit of the measures suggested above, the backward force should be applied to the body at the same time as the forward pull is made upon the head.

Neck presented, Fore limbs in Passage.

Fig. 554. - Neck presented, Fore-limbs in Passage.

Neck presented. Legs directed backwards.

Fig. 555. - Neck presented. Legs directed backwards.