The Indian pony is an offshoot of the mustang. As the mustang drifted northward, he found a colder climate and, if not a more exacting, a less intelligent owner. While the pony was ridden by the brave, he was petted and starved in turn by the squaw. He was often called on to perform tasks which tried his courage to its utmost. What with close familiarity with the family and periods of semi-starvation during inclement winters, as he drifted northward he lost something of size and power to perform, and much of the erratic temper due to his Spanish-Mexican origin. Like the mustang, he is found in many colors. When well nourished he inclines to be more rotund than the mustang. Some writers have suggested that this is due, in part, to a cross with the small horses of Canada. However this may be, there is not enough mixture of blood to hide the prominent mustang characteristics.