In recent years a demand has sprung up for a pony somewhat different from any yet described. A wiry, active, courageous animal, of good temper and unexcelled endurance. He should be from thirteen and a half to fourteen and a half hands high. Polo ponies larger than this are considered too tall, as they place the rider too far from his work. The small pony, one below thirteen hands, has not the speed, activity or power necessary to carry the rider successfully through a sharply contested game of polo. Of course, an ideal polo pony can be produced only by a liberal admixture of the Arabian or Oriental blood with that of selected mares of the Welch or Exmoor type, or with suitably shaped small mares which already have some of the warm-blood characteristics. The best-tempered mustang or Indian mares would form most excellent foundation stock, on the dam's side, for the production of an American breed of polo ponies. (See Fig. 4, Chap. III.) If the Arabian blood were once harmoniously united with the blood of the plains, the foundation, at least, would be laid of a breed of horses upon which an unexcelled breed of ponies suited to polo and other similar work could speedily be reared. The foundation stock for such a breed, though scattered, is abundant. Where is the genius who will take up the work of uniting the valuable scattered potential forces, and thus produce a breed of ponies, or small horses, which, if good, are likely to be much in demand in the near future. It certainly would not be as difficult to produce a breed, or at all events a variety, of ponies at least as well suited to the special needs of Americans as are the trotters, pacers and roadsters. There certainly is a large place for good small horses and ponies, as well as for large and fast ones. Now that good foundation stock is at hand for forming such a class of horses, it would be unfortunate if the opportunity were lost. Must we be importing forever, or shall we be wise and produce animals worthy of being exported to the best high-priced markets of Europe?