Why are falcons distinguished as noble and ignoble?

Because the noble falcons seize their prey in the air during flight; for they never devour what has been killed or wounded by other birds ; they must drink the blood of their victims warm or not at all. In all these birds the bill is very short, strong, and much hooked. The ignoble are inferior in many respects; the tooth of their bills is rounded off, and does not present an acute angle ; while the wings are proportionally short, and consequently weaker. This second grand division of rapacious birds, is seldom, if ever, used in falconry.

These definitions are by a correspondent of the Magazine of Natural History, Vol. I. Another writer in that work thinks the term noble to have been applied, not to all such as take their prey in the air, - which definition would, he thinks, improperly exclude the eagles; these birds, according to Temminck and Montagu, pouncing their prey on the wing, - but to have been used to denote such as were used in falconry only, which was formerly the sport only of princes and noble persons.

Why are the gardens in and about London much more injured by insects, than those in comparatively distant parts of the country?

Because, partly, of the smaller number of insectivorous birds in and about the metropolis; and their scarcity is not, as frequently alleged, owing to the smoke, the number of houses, and the want of trees and food, because it is well known that every kind of bird will live, and thrive in cages in the heart of London - but to the number of bird-catchers, and, in some respect, the cats.