Tawny brown above; white beneath : ears externally black : tail thick and bushy, tipped with white.

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Length of the head and body two feet three inches; of the head six inches; of the ears four inches; of the tail one foot four inches: girth one foot one inch.


Muzzle sharp : head rather large, and somewhat flattened on the forehead: tusks relatively longer than in the dog, and more slender: ears erect and pointed: eyes oblique: tail very thick and bushy: fur thick and long, of a tawny or reddish brown colour: lips, lower jaw, forepart of the neck, abdomen, and inside of the thighs, white: back of the ears blackish brown; a streak of the same colour passing from the corner of each eye to the nose: extreme tip of the tail white. Varies occasionally in size and colour, as well as in the quality of the hair.

Frequents woods in the vicinity of farmyards and villages. Prowls about during the night, preying on poultry, small birds, rabbits, etc. Brings forth its young under ground, and produces from three to six at a birth.