(1. Vespertilio, Geoff).

Ears oval, as long as the head ; tragus falciform, half the length of the auricle: fur reddish brown above; dirty white beneath.

V. murinus, Desm. Mammal, p. 134. La Chauve-souris, Buff. Hist. Nat. torn. viii. pi. 16.


Length of the head and body three inches five lines; of the head eleven lines; of the tail one inch eight lines; of the ears eleven lines and a half; of the tragus five lines; of the thumb five lines: extent of wing fifteen inches.


Face almost naked: forehead very hairy: eyes rather large, with a few dusky hairs immediately above them: ears inclining backwards, as long as the head, oval, naked, grayish ash-colour externally, somewhat yellowish within: tragus falciform, about half the length of the auricle. Fur above pale reddish brown; beneath dirty white, inclining to yellowish: flying and interfemoral membranes brownish.

This must not be confounded with the V. murinus of English authors, from which it may be readily distinguished by its very superior size. It is a common species on the Continent, but apparently rare in Britain. The only indigenous specimens known were taken in the gardens of the British Museum, and are in that collection. Said to inhabit churches and buildings: never found in trees.