Ears oval, a little longer than the head; tragus falciform, bending outwards at the extremity, not half the length of the auricle: fur reddish gray above; white beneath.

V. Bechsteinii, Desm. Mammal, p. 135.


Length of the head and body two inches one line; of the head nine lines; of the tail one inch three lines; of the ears ten lines; of the tragus four lines; of the thumb four lines: extent of wing eleven inches.


Allied to the last species, but distinguished by its smaller size, relatively larger ears, and remarkably slender thumb. Face almost naked: muzzle long, and conical: ears oval, somewhat longer than the head, rounded at the extremity; tragus lanceolate, pointed, a little bent outwards towards the extremity. Fur reddish gray on the upper parts, whitish on the under.

A rare species, of which specimens are in the British Museum from the New Forest. Resides constantly amongst trees, and is never found in buildings.