Posterior foliaceous appendage lanceolate, without any lateral expansions: ears deeply notched on their external margins.

R. Hipposideros, Leach, Zool. Misc. vol. in. p. 2. pi. 121. Flem. Brit. An. p. 5. R. bihastatus, Desm. Mammal, p. 125. Vesper-tilio minutus, Mont, in Linn. Trans, vol. ix. p. 163. pi. 8. f. 5.


Length of the head and body one inch four lines; of the head eight lines; of the tail nine lines; of the ears five lines; breadth of the ears four lines and a half; length of the thumb two lines: extent of wing eight inches four lines.


Principally distinguished from the last by its very inferior size. General appearance of the ears, nose, and foliaceous appendages similar; the anterior appendage is however less obliquely truncated at the apex, and the posterior one narrower at the base, and without the lateral expansions: the ears likewise are more deeply notched and the external margin altogether more sinuous. Fur soft and rather long; pale rufous brown above, grayish ash beneath with a tinge of yellow.

Found in Wiltshire, Dorsetshire, Devonshire, Somersetshire, and also in Wales. Is often met with in company with the last species, but is considered as less common.