"Jaws equal: lateral line straight".

M. virens, Flem. Brit. An. p. 195. Gadus virens, Linn. Syst. Nat. torn. i. p. 438. Neill in Wern. Mem. vol. I. p. 532. Green Cod, Penn. Brit. Zool. (Edit. 1812). vol. iii. p. 253.


Less than a foot. Flem.


"Smooth; dusky green on the back, silvery in every other part: jaws of equal length; side-line straight; tail forked." Penn. According to Fleming, the number of fin-rays is,

D. 15 - 24 - 19; A. 27 - 22; P. 22; V. 6.

This species, which I have not seen, is said by Mr. Neill to resemble the young Coal-Fish. Pennant first included it in the British Fauna, on the authority of Sir John Cullum. Dr. Fleming states, that it is frequently taken in the Frith of Forth, during Summer.