General colour of the plumage grayish brown: throat, and middle of the abdomen, white.

C. alpinus, Temm. Man. d'Orn. torn. I. p. 433. Id. torn. III. p. 303. Greatest Martin, Edw. Nat. Hist. vol. I. pl. 27. White-bellied Swift, Lath. Syn. vol. II. p. 586.


Entire length nearly nine inches. Temm.


All the upper parts of a uniform grayish brown; breast, sides of the abdomen, and under tail-coverts the same: throat, and middle of the belly, pure white: tarsi covered with brown feathers. (Egg). White: of the same size as that of the last species.

Shot within eight or ten miles of the south coast of Ireland in 1829, about Midsummer. A second individual has been since killed at Kings-gate, in the Isle of Thanet, and a third in Norfolk. Common in alpine and rocky districts in the southern parts of Europe. Habits somewhat similar to those of the Common Swift. Said to build in the clefts of rocks and old buildings, and to lay three or four eggs.