Bill straight, shorter than the head: tail doubly forked, the outer feathers cinereous brown edged with whitish: tarsus ten lines and a half.

T. minuta, Temm. Man. d'Orn. torn. II. p. 624. Little Stint, Bew. Brit. Birds, vol. II. p. 107. Minute Tringa, Selb. Illust. vol. II. p. 147. pl. 27*. f. 3,&4.


Entire length six inches: length of the bill eight lines and a half; of the tarsus ten lines and a halt.


(Winter plumage). All the upper parts cinereous brown, with the shafts of the feathers dusky: a brown streak between the bill and the eye; above the eyes another indistinct one of white; sides of the breast cinereous, tinged with brown; throat, fore part of the neck, middle of the breast, and all the other under parts, pure white: the outer tail-feathers cinereous brown, edged with whitish; the two middle ones brown: bill and legs black. (Summer plumage). Crown black, the feathers edged with reddish brown; forehead and eye-streak somewhat paler than the rest of the head; throat white; cheeks, sides of the neck, and sides of the breast, pale reddish spotted with brown; middle of the breast, and all the under parts, pure white: feathers on the back, scapulars, wing-coverts, rump, and two middle tail-feathers, deep black, all broadly edged and tipped with bright red brown; the outer tail-feathers cinereous brown, edged lighter. (Young of the year, before the first moult). " Crown of the head dusky, the feathers edged with yellowish red; forehead, eye-streak, throat, front of the neck, middle of the breast, and other under parts, pure white; between the bill and the eye a brown streak; sides of the breast reddish, mixed with cinereous brown; nape and sides of the neck cinereous and brown: back, scapulars, and wing-coverts, dusky brown; the feathers on the upper part of the back broadly edged with red, the scapulars with yellowish white; wing-coverts with a narrow edging of yellowish red: two middle tail-feathers dusky, edged with reddish ash: the others edged with white." Temm. (Egg). Reddish white ground, spotted and speckled with dark red brown: long. diam. one inch one line and a half; trans, diam. nine lines.

Like the last, a rare and occasional visitant. Habits similar. Supposed to retire northward to breed.