Head, neck, crest, and upper parts, black, with glossy reflections; belly, flanks, and speculum on the wing, white: bill and legs bluish gray.

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Entire length seventeen inches: length of the bill (from the forehead) one inch seven lines, (from the gape) one inch nine lines and a half; of the tarsus one inch four lines and a half; of the tail two inches four lines; from the carpus to the end of the wing eight inches two lines: breadth, wings extended, twenty-eight inches two lines.


(Male). Head, neck, breast, and a pendent crest of elongated feathers on the occiput, black, with green and purple reflections: hack, wings, and rump, brownish black, slightly glossed with green, and finely powdered with grayish white: belly, flanks, and a transverse bar on the wings, pure white; vent black: bill pale bluish gray; the nail black: irides gamboge-yellow: legs bluish gray; the membranes dusky. (Female). Smaller than the male; the crest shorter, and of not so bright a colour: head, neck, breast, and upper part of the back, dull black, clouded with deep brown; back and wings dull blackish brown, speckled with grayish brown; breast and flanks with large spots of reddish brown; belly whitish, tinged with reddish brown: speculum smaller than in the male: bill and legs of a deeper colour: irides pale yellow. (Young of the year of both sexes). "No indication of a crest: a large whitish spot on the sides of the bill; some white also on the forehead and occasionally behind the eyes: head, neck, and breast, dull brown, this last variegated with reddish brown: back and wings dusky brown, the feathers edged with paler brown: flanks reddish brown: the bar on the wings small and whitish: abdomen variegated with brown and ash-colour: irides dirty yellow. Young males have the belly of a purer white than young females. After the first moult, the white at the base of the bill disappears; the crest begins to shew itself; and the plumage becomes deeper coloured." Temm. (Egg). Greenish white, spotted with light brown: long. diam. two inches one line; trans, diam. one inch five lines.

* Sow. Brit. Misc. pl. 62.

Like the last species, a winter visitant. Met with on the coast, and also not unfrequently on fresh waters. Said to breed within the Arctic Circle. Food, similar to that of the preceding.