Ears oval-triangular, shorter than the head; tragus semicordate : muzzle short, and obtuse: fur chestnut brown above; pale beneath.

V. Serotinus, Desm. Mammal, p. 137. La Serotine, Buff. Hist. Nat. torn. viii. pi. 18. f. 2.


Length of the head and body two inches seven lines; of the head ten lines; of the tail one inch ten lines; of the ears eight lines; of the tragus three lines; of the thumb three lines: extent of wing twelve inches six lines.


Face almost naked: muzzle remarkably short, broad, and obtuse; extremity of the nose one line and a half across: ears oval, approaching triangular, shorter than the head, with the inner margin bending outwards in an arcuate form, externally hairy on their basal half, naked above; tragus semicordate, somewhat elongated, pointed at the extremity. Fur in the male of a deep chestnut brown on the upper parts, passing beneath into a yellowish gray; that of the female said to be much brighter.

Apparently a rare species in Great Britain: has hitherto only occurred in the neighbourhood of London. Is said to frequent trees, and also houses occasionally. Habits somewhat solitary.

* By the spur I mean a long tendinous process from the heel of the foot which runs along the margin of the interfemoral membrane and serves to stretch it. It in fact represents the os calcis. It will be found of very different length in different species, varying from three to seven lines or more.