Forehead and crown whitish; the rest of the plumage, as well as the bill and legs, black.

S. stolida, Lath. Ind. Orn. vol. ii. p. 805. Noddy, Lath. Syn. vol. iii. p. 354. Black Noddy, Steph. in Shaws Gen. Zool. vol. xiii. p. 140. pl. 17.


Entire length fifteen inches: length of the bill (from the forehead) one inch nine lines, (from the gape) two inches: of the tarsus eleven lines; of the tail five inches; from the carpus to the end of the wing ten inches.


Forehead and crown whitish, passing into ash-gray on the occiput and nape: all the rest of the plumage brownish black, deepest on the quills and tail-feathers: wings just reaching to the extremity of the tail, which is even, or somewhat rounded, at its tip: bill and legs black: the membranes of the toes entire, without any indication of a notch.

Two adult individuals of this species were taken a few years since during Summer on the Wexford coast, between the Tasker Lighthouse and Dublin Bay. From one of these, which was obligingly submitted to my examination by Mr W. Thompson of Belfast, the above measurements and description were taken. Not previously known as British. Frequently met with at sea, but generally within the Tropics. Stated by Latham to breed in the Bahama Islands, laying its eggs on the bare rocks.