Puffinus fuliginosus, Proceed, of Zool. Soc. 1832. p. 129.


Entire length eighteen inches: length of the bill (from the forehead) one inch and seven-eighths, (from the gape) two inches and a half; of the tarsus two inches and a quarter; of the middle toe two inches and a half; of the wing twelve inches. Strickl.


Brown above and below; the wings of a deeper tint: throat faintly tinged with gray: bill of the same colour: tarsi externally, and the outer toes, brown; tarsi internally, and membranes, ochraceous brown. Strickl.

A single individual of this species, supposed to be the Procellaria fuliginosa of Kuhl, was shot in the middle of August 1828, at the mouth of the Tees, and is now in the collection of Mr. Arthur Strickland, of Boynton in Yorkshire. It is the only specimen hitherto obtained. Native country and habits unknown.

(3. Thalassidroma, Fig).